Singing the Psalms

Singing the Psalms?

We seek to worship God as He commands and sing from His praise book – the Psalms of the Bible. Our Presbytery has adopted The Book of Psalms for Worship (published by Crown and Covenant Publications) as the standard Psalm book of our congregations.

While not a bookseller, we do have a small inventory of The Book of Psalms for Worship. Contact us if you would like to purchase one.

A short video explaining Psalm singing and why we love to do so in our worship services.


Why Sing the Psalms in Worship? 10 Reasons

By Rev. Brian T. Cochran, Minister, Redeemer Reformation Church, (URCNA), Regina, SK, Canada (24 March 2010

  • They are inspired by the Holy Spirit (2 Tim. 3:16; 2 Pet. 1:21).
  • It is an excellent way of hiding God’s word in your heart and letting the word of God dwell in you richly (Ps. 119:11; Col. 3:16).
  • The Psalms present the Biblical pattern for properly balancing the objective and the subjective aspects of the Christian life.
  • The Psalms give us a comprehensive presentation of Christian emotion.
  • The Psalms give us hope by anticipating the return of Christ and the age to come.
  • The Psalms are a great way to express our unity with God’s people from thousands of years ago.
  • The wisdom of church history.
  • The Psalms will help you understand the New Testament better.
  • The Psalms are Christ-centred (Luke 24:27, 44).
  • You will come to know the heart and mind of Christ better (e.g. Matt. 27:46; cf. Ps. 22).