RP Historical Documents

Here are some documents which represent the historical position of Reformed Presbyterians. Some Reformed Presbyterians still agree with the position put forward in these documents. However, these positions are not binding on Reformed Presbyterians today.

Having said this, though, we are not a church that holds doctrines because they are traditional. We hold doctrines because we believe they are the doctrines scripture teaches.

  • The Principles Of The Second Reformation
    A Lecture by the Rev. Andrew Symington DD., Paisley, 1841. Topics
    covered include:-

    1. Second Reformation
    2. Facts
    3. Principles
    4. Overthrow
    5. Revolution
    6. Rise of Reformed Presbyterian Church
    7. Adherence to the Second Reformation
    8. Its Important Bearings
    9. Reason and Objects of this series of Lectures
  • The Headship Of Christ Over The Nations
    This lecture was number VI in a series of lectures given by the Rev. Andrew
    Symington, D. D., on the Second Reformation. Glasgow, 1841. Topics covered include:-

    1. Scriptural evidence
    2. Connected with Headship over the Church
    3. Present Controversies
    4. Importance of the Doctrine
    5. Comprehensive and Reconciling character
    6. Prospective bearings on the Kingdom of Christ
  • The Headship Of Christ Over The Individual, The Church, And The Nation
    This lecture was delivered in Belfast as the closing one of session, 1891-92, of the Theological Hall of the Reformed Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. James Dick, M.A., Professor of Hebrew, Biblical Criticism, and Pastoral Theology.
  • A Memorial Of Covenanting
    by Thomas Houston, D.D. Pastor of the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Knockbracken. [1857]
  • Civil Rulers Serving The Lord
    A Sermon, preached at the opening of the Reformed Presbyterian Synod of Scotland, May 15th, 1882, by the Rev. James Dick, M.A.
  • Of Magistracy
    Taken from the `Covenanter,’ Vol. 1. No IV., 1831.
  • Reformed Presbyterianism – It’s Special Claims
    An Address by the Rev. Dr. Kerr, Glasgow, 1895
  • Religious Establishments
    From the `Covenanter,’ a monthly periodical published by Ministers of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Ireland.
    [Vol. I. No XII., pp. 387-399. November, 1831.]